Worker Compensation Insurance

The business insurance provided by our specialists at East West Insurance Brokers includes a key component for every business which is Worker Compensation Insurance protection. Deduction of a fraction of each dollar from the profits a business yields each day is wisely invested with Worker Compensation Insurance protection. It is a necessary cost of doing business. If a regular employee or a subcontractor is injured while involved in working for your business, your risk is tremendous. The exposure to costly medical expenses and the potential for lost wages may completely outweigh the business profit margins. The business is immediately placed on the defense against all liability regardless of who is at fault when an accident occurs. One careless act performed by an injured party may undermine the stability of a viable enterprise.

If an owner does not maintain a Worker Compensation Insurance policy, the company may violate government laws and regulations that result in substantial fines. Without proper Workers Compensation Insurance coverage, enormous costs may be incurred when an accident occurs. The loss of one’s thriving business may be the result. Our conscientious business insurance agents develop an insurance plan for a business that includes all of the vital Workers Compensation Insurance details to meet the client’s requirements.

At East West Insurance Brokers, we are at the side of our clients to help if a claim is submitted. We follow through to assist our clients at every step of the process to assure a satisfactory resolution to the claim.

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