A public liability insurance policy provides coverage for property damage and personal injury to a third party such as your customer, supplier or a member of the general public as a result of your negligence in performing your business activities either at your workplace or outside of work.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do not see the value in having public liability insurance which could leave them exposed to countless financial hazards if legal action is taken against them as a result of any workplace accidents. Having public liability insurance in place offers you peace of mind against such eventualities.

Incidents can range from a slip and fall accident to animal attacks, each of these incidents may incur legal costs. Therefore, public liability insurance is designed to protect you and your business against financial losses.

Keep in mind that no matter how large or small your business is, public liability claims can be costly and even if you are ultimately found not responsible for damages, you could still incur legal costs while you defend yourself against the claim. The type of coverage you require is dependent upon your business.

At East West Insurance Brokers, we can reassure you with a thorough explanation pertaining to any questions. We can help to ensure that your total public liability amount of cover is sufficient for your specific needs, particularly if the policy is packaged with other covers.

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*Please note all insurance policies have exclusions. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording before deciding whether the insurance policy meets your needs.

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