Farmers are an integral part of our survival society. With that, farmers need to ensure they have the right farm coverage to stay protected to continue working and maintaining their farm for years to come.

We understand that your agriculture business is a unique one. With potential risks such as unpredictable weather that could destroy your farming business, our brokers are able to offer a wide range of protection for your peace of mind should the unexpected event happen.

In the event that an insured disaster does strike, you are able to recoup your losses with the farm insurance pack. This puts you at ease knowing that your business is protected against potential insurable risks and threats.

Farmers and business owners like you invest a lot of money that goes into running your own farm and meeting demands. Therefore, it’s really important for you to stay protected with the right coverage in this niche industry to safeguard your business and investments in the long run.

From hobby farms to larger scale operations, our brokers have years of experience to arrange and tailor your insurance package for different types of farm operations and the conditions that you may face.

At East West Insurance Brokers, the farm insurance pack has been designed to meet the insurance needs of a wide range of farming and horticultural businesses throughout Australia. We can guide you through the available options and aim to help you find the best solution most suited to your needs.

Take the time to talk to us, you’ll be glad you did:

P: 1800 809 132

*Please note all insurance policies have exclusions. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording before deciding whether the insurance policy meets your needs.

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