At East West Insurance Brokers, we will tailor your insurance to your transport business risks.


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Why choose EWIB?

Find why many of our clients have had us on their team for years and kept their growing assets protected.

the experience

Enjoy a hassle-free experience when working with the team at East West Insurance Brokers. Our brokers are highly experienced professionals, and we work directly with you to find a solution for your insurance needs.

the expertise

Whether it’s insurance for personal needs or tailored cover for your business, we know the ins and outs of the industry and will provide you with advice so you can obtain the optimum cover you need.

the team

The company consists of highly trained insurance specialists with years of industry experience under their belts. Our team has successfully assisted thousands of clients in ensuring their growing assets are kept protected.

Insurance that reflects the way you live your life & run your business.


Tailored insurance for your transport business

The following are some of the benefits you may wish to include in your transport insurance policy:

Liability For Customer Goods

Protect your business against unforeseen accidents and legal costs with a liability cover specifically designed for business owners.

Director's Personal Liability

Get covered for the cost of vehicle rental in the event your fleet or commercial motor vehicles become temporarily unavailable.

Commercial Debtor Insurance

Ensure your goods against loss or damage as a result of an unexpected or non-deliberate incident to prevent hindrances to your business.

Employment Law Liability

Cover your employees and their dependents, and safeguard against the financial effects arising from the loss of employee services.

General Liability

Whether by road, sea, or air, secure cargo in transit against loss and damage such as theft, vandalism, and inappropriate handling.

Cyber Risks

Protecting your no claims bonus allows you a certain number of at-fault accidents without disturbing the discount for future renewals.

Fines and Penalties

Protect your heavy motor and fleet vehicles in the event of costly damages, accidents, or theft so your team can get back on the road sooner.

Assets and Vehicles

Get additional financial support for unforeseen costs with a benefit to claim expenses not already covered by your insurance.

From air to water - we've got you covered!

The following are the insurance policies we can assist you with:

Motor Vehicle

(Commercial, Heavy, Fleet, with Trailer)

Marine Cargo

(Sea, Rail, Road or Air)

Public & Products Liability

(Business Accidents, Legal Costs, Compensation Payments)

Accident & Sickness

(Group and Individual)

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Get to know our experienced team

We pride ourselves in exercising an ethical and responsive manner when it comes to our clients.

Hear from our clients

Many of our clients have had us on their team for years. 

" When you have a claim, this is the real test of just how good your insurance broker is. I cannot recommend East West Insurance Brokers enough for their claims response and handling in an ethical and responsive manner.What a great team!"
Ben Watkins
Vanderfield Pty Ltd
" Our company is a logistic and transport company that stores, distributes, and transports some highly valuable goods. East West have been working with us to make sure our insurance meets ours and our clients’ needs. The guys know logistics and the demands a business like ours is subject to. Having them on your team is valuable!"
Gary Rogers
Rogers Transport
" We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for all that you have done for us, and the time spent on helping us through this unfortunate business. We have appreciated everything you have done to help, and very much appreciated your professionalism."
Karen Lister
Magenta Freighters Pty Ltd

Our story

About the company

Established in 1984 in the commercial centre of Coopers Plains, Brisbane, East West Insurance Brokers have come a long way. The company has been running successfully in growing its business which has now expanded into Toowoomba, the heart of Queensland’s Darling Downs, and Mackay in Central Queensland.

We pride ourselves in exercising an ethical and responsive manner when it comes to our clients.

Many of our clients have had us on their team for years. As their businesses have grown, we have revised their insurance needs and kept their growing assets protected.

There is a vast range of insurers and policies to choose from. Our role is to be up to date with the changes in the industry, ensuring that we can tailor insurance covers to meet your risk needs

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