With the holiday shopping season in full swing, more people are seen prowling the Web in search for some seriously good gift deals!

“Copious amounts of money will be spent nationwide,” says Brian Meert, CEO of the Facebook ad agency Advertisemint and author of The Complete Guide To Facebook Advertising, “and if you implement the right strategy, copious amounts of money could be spent on you.”

Here are some of Meert’s top tips on how you can make the most of Facebook ads to drive holiday spending with your brand:

1. Create mobile-friendly ads

In 2017, Facebook has accrued 989 million daily active mobile users. “That’s 989 million people you can potentially reach,” Meert says. Ensure that your Facebook ad designs are mobile friendly to reach out to smartphone owners who will shop through their phones. To do this, go to “Edit Placements” on Facebook Ads Manager and choose “Mobile” from the options.

2. Offer discounts

This holiday season, it’s about your customers. So, try offering discounted items, or free shipping as that doesn’t happen very often. “Remember to offer your deals in a strong, clear, and concise language, matched with the correct landing page,” Meert says.

3. Target late-night shoppers

Most times, people can’t decide which product or item they would prefer and would browse the Web once again before bedtime. While some will wait until the very last minute before doing their shopping. You don’t want to miss these late-night shoppers when they’re browsing your Web, so be sure to schedule your ads to appear at night for them.

4. Speak to your customers

It’s more than just the season of gifting others. Many customers would also take this time as an opportunity to reward themselves for a year of hard work they’ve achieved. With that, business owners and marketing specialists should also include ads that speak directly to customers.

A simple call-to-action can make a big difference such as “you’ve earned it” or “treat yourself” to grab the attention of your valued customers.

5. Advertise post-holiday deals

“Shopping does not end with the holidays,” Meert cautions, as many shoppers will continue to shop after the holidays to snag post-holiday deals.

So, don’t be afraid to take advantage of this by keeping your customers engaged even after the festive season has passed. You can schedule ads or campaigns informing your customers about the holiday sales have been further extended and they can still continue shopping.

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