As the saying goes, “failure to plan is planning to fail”. Training your team members require detailed planning so that the process does not end up wasting everyone’s time. Here are a few tips and best practices for training your team members:

1. Include specific details. Important details of the training such as date, time, key topics, and goals should be clearly mentioned.

2. Ensure the training is specific and beneficial. Focus on the program and do not stray away from the topic. Discussing on multiple different topics that are not related to the main and specific program can be confusing and team members can become disengaged.

3. Keep it short and sweet. While it may seem inviting to cram as much training in a short period of time, your team members may lose their focus. This is not the ideal way to help develop your top performing team either.

Frequent breaks such as 10-15 minutes can help to ensure your team members absorb more of the training, rather than going on a full-blown course. The key is to help make the training course more efficient, effective, and it will put them in a lighter mood altogether.

4. Be up-to-date. As the industry changes, so does your training program. Keeping your training programs fresh and be up-to-date will ensure a great way to bond closer with your employees. By doing so, your employees will look forward to training sessions knowing that there is something new to learn.

5. Expectations and Rewards. It’s important to train your team members as employees who feel more productive will stay in the company longer when they are happy. As a result, when you offer them training, you should have some key expectations too. When your team members do well, reward them.

This shows that they are learning and benefiting well from the training too. Rewards can be simple things such as offering some time off on some Fridays, a gift card, etc. Remember, the main thing you want to achieve is a highly trained and highly motivated team.

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