We are blessed to have beautiful weather in Australia, but it can turn unpredictable and lead to severe weather conditions, especially when storm season is fast approaching. Power outages are bound to happen whenever there are storms. Many Australian homeowners have done nothing to prepare for the upcoming storm season. So, are you and your family prepared for when disaster strikes next?

Protection for your home and the valuables inside your home are extremely important to protect if you ever suffer a loss from an intense thunderstorm, destructive winds, heavy rain and hail, and even flash flooding.

While we can’t predict when accidents may happen, we can definitely prepare ourselves for them. Nothing is worse than the possibility of losing your assets and earnings when the unthinkable strikes. With storm coverage, our brokers can help to arrange an appropriate insurance policy that ranges from storm damage for your home, or loss of assets destroyed by the extreme weather.

We have provided a sample checklist of simple things to do around your home to make sure you’re ready for that next storm. This useful list serves as a guide for you to cross check on your essential household items.

No.Items to check
1.Turn off & unplug all electronic appliances
2.Turn off all electricity including gas & water of your home
3.Keep your essential documents & important documents in a waterproof container
4.A long-lasting LED flashlight
5.First-Aid Kit
6.Matches (to light candles in case of power outage)
7.Portable phone chargers
8.Battery-powered radio (for news on safety alerts)
9.Warm clothing
11.Ready to eat food (canned food, snacks)
12.Can opener
15.Fuel (to fill up your tank)
16.Make copies of keys for your family members
17.Medicine (prescription and non-prescription)
18.Map (in case you lose access to your phone’s GPS system)
20.Ensure your gutters and downpipes are not clogged up with debris
21.Ensure your roof tiles are checked and there are no loose or damaged tiles
22.Ensure your doors, windows, and awnings are all shut

It’s always important to stay inside and not wander outdoors until it is safe to do so during the storm. Even after the storm has subsided, it is important for you to stay clear of fallen power lines to avoid the risk of being electrocuted. Avoid any areas that are flooded with water as well as storm-affected areas as you don’t know what’s underneath the water (sharp objects may be present). Next, you can safely proceed to check for damage to your home and property and call us to provide details of your claim.

Our aim is to help and support you in the event of an unexpected situation. We know that having that extra layer of protection for your home or business premises will ensure your peace of mind. With storm coverage, you’re in better control to protect your family, your home, and your business from disasters such as electrical damage, fire outbreak, power outage, and more. Our brokers have the professional expertise to guide you through the available options.

At East West Insurance Brokers, our brokers have many years of experience in the industry and are able to arrange the most appropriate insurance policy to fit your needs. We will also support and assist you in the event of a claim.

We believe in making sure your business insurance is up to date. We understand how important it is to safeguard against significant financial loss. For more information on getting covered against future storms, contact our East West team on 1800 809 132 or drop us an email at hello@ewib.com.au

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