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If you run a business, no matter what size or type, you will need property insurance to ensure it’s protected from disasters such as hail and fire. The type of policy you need will depend on the type of property you own and how you use it.

This policy can be tailored to suit your individual insurance requirements. Our brokers will work with you and get to know your business to make sure they can provide a suitable insurance plan to protect your property if you ever experience a loss.

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We understand that while you don’t wish for accidents to happen, there’s still a chance it may. And, although you don’t want to hope for the worst, you certainly can plan for it.

They say prevention is better than cure. So, why risk it? Nothing is worse than knowing that your assets and earnings capacity can be removed instantly when the unthinkable strikes. With property insurance, our brokers can help to arrange appropriate cover that ranges from storm damage to your property, stock or loss of rent due to a fire in your property.

At East West Insurance Brokers, our specialised brokers have many years of experience in the property industry and aim to tailor and arrange the most appropriate property insurance policy that fits your needs.

Benefits in this policy may include:

  • Employees’ tools, equipment, personal items and clothing
  • Machinery and electronic equipment breakdown
  • Loss of income cover
  • Removal of debris
  • Fire extinguishment costs
  • Landscaping costs
  • Rewriting of business records
  • Property temporarily removed to other premises

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Why Is Property Insurance Important?

Protection for your property and the commodities inside your property is extremely important to protect you financially if you ever suffer a loss from an unexpected event. Whether you own a building, lease your work premises or operate from home,  property insurance is designed to cover you in the event of a loss.

At East West Insurance Brokers, we have a team of specialists that are well skilled in identifying your real risks and are able to advise fit-for-purpose solutions tailored to your specific needs. It is highly advisable to broaden your knowledge when it comes to property insurance as an off the shelf solution may leave you vulnerable.

Our brokers have the experience to guide you through the available options on property insurance and can help you find the best solution most suited to your type of property.

We know that having that extra layer of protection for your property will ensure peace of mind for you and your business.

How Confident Are You that Your Insurance Risks are Adequately Covered?

East West Insurance Brokers aim to arrange the most appropriate cover for you by providing tailored solutions to suit your business needs. We will also support and assist you, in the event of a claim.

Speak to us to ensure your business is protected with appropriate property insurance today.

*Please note all insurance policies have exclusions. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording before deciding whether the insurance policy meets your needs.

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