Property Insurance

If you own property, such as a home or condominium, you need property insurance to ensure it is protected from disasters such as hail and fire.

Property insurance is a type of insurance coverage for owners of homes and other types of residential property. The type of policy you need depends on what type of property you own and how you use it.

If you own a home or condo that you live in, then you need homeowners or condo owners insurance. Homeowners insurance covers both your property and your personal possessions while condo insurance covers your possessions plus whatever parts of your unit the building insurance does not cover.

If you own property that you rent, you need a type of property insurance called landlord insurance. This type of insurance covers the structure from damage. Those who rent from you must get their own insurance to cover their belongings.

Another component to nearly all types of property insurance is personal liability coverage, which insures you for accidents and other events for which you might be found personally liable, such as an injury on your property caused by unsafe conditions.

East West Insurance Brokers can help you find a property insurance policy that fits your needs, whether you live in your property or rent it out.

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