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While the cost of your insurance sits on the credit side of your ledger, having appropriate insurance will be an asset in the event of a potential financial loss or an exposure out of an error made arising from your business professional services.

Here at EWIB, we have done our professional due diligence, which allows us to provide bespoke policies to meet your insurance needs.


While you are providing your clients with creative and innovative ideas with strategic and tactical solutions, EWIB provide you with a suite of insurance products that will cover your potential financial loss or exposures that may arise out your or your business professional services.


You’re the experts in putting pen to paper and designing projects that offer solutions that suits your clients… We’re the experts in designing insurance cover that is appropriate for you and your business.


It’s essential for you to make sure you are aware of local rules and regulations when drawing up a plan, similarly it’s important that your insurance cover protects you and your business.


As an Engineer you are constantly using your professional skills to provide advice to your clients. This is why it is vital that your insurance is fit for purpose. The team at EWIB use our professional skill and due diligence to make sure that you have the most appropriate insurance policies in place.

Management Consultants

Management Consulting can cut across different industries and provide different services for your clients. By having an Insurance Broker who can offer you tailored professional advice, means that you have appropriate cover in place.