Ever thought or question yourself what’s the ideal solution when it comes to paying your monthly insurance? With today’s advanced technology and modern facilities, we are fortunate to have such software solutions.

As part of our service offering here at East West Insurance Brokers, our clients are given the opportunity to pay their insurance using Flexifund Australia Pty Ltd.

We can provide options for you to pay your insurance in instalments. This solution helps to ease your business cash flow at the same time.

How does this work?

This service allows your insurance premiums to be paid in monthly manageable instalments spread over 10 months. You can pay one or multiple insurance policies in one easy payment.

Simultaneously, this allows you to retain working capital in your business, ensuring that your funds can be best utilised elsewhere.

If you are interested in improving cash flow, learn how you can set up your insurance for premium funding with us today. Take the time to talk to us, you’ll be glad you did:

P: 1800 809 132
E: hello@ewib.com.au
W: www.ewib.com.au

*Please note all insurance policies have exclusions. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording before deciding whether the insurance policy meets your needs.

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