Christmas may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for some families, there are risks and drawbacks threatening their festivities. Whether it’s an accident in their homes or a break in, the Christmas season is one of the busiest times of the year for claims. The combination of high spirits, full houses, expensive presents, excitable pets and restless children can become a recipe for disaster for some households.

Although insurance claims happen all year round, accidents that happen during the Christmas period can cause real problems at the time you want them least. Plus, festive factors such as increased use of electricity and hot weather can up the likelihood of events such as house fires to burst pipes.

Every year at East West Insurance Brokers, we receive an array of common claims. Here are the most common types of accidents and incidents over the Christmas period. (via Admiral Insurance)

Burning candles
With candles used more commonly during this time of year around the house, it is not surprising when we hear of house fire starting and spreading throughout the house.

When lighting candles, make sure they are placed on a stable surface, ensure there is nothing nearby that could catch fire in the flame, and most importantly, never leave a candle unattended. Before you go to bed, be sure to extinguish all candles, and also watch out for the melted wax, it can ruin furniture and carpet if it spills.

Injuries caused by trips & falls
Amongst all the excitement over the Christmas season, injuries are prevalent during this time. If you’ve got children, there will most likely be boys and gifts left around the house. During this month, continue to keep an eye out for haphazard gifts, and persuade the kids to keep their toys in one pile.

Another type of accident that usually happens when putting Christmas decorations up or taking them down is falling from a ladder. Inside the home, the cause is often an unsecured step ladder with someone reaching for the corner of the room. Outside it could be a normal ladder being used to put up or take down lights. Either way, never go up a ladder without someone else around and make sure the bottom of the ladder is stable to avoid injury.

Faulty fairy lights
Faulty fairy lights can cause fires and on Christmas trees, surrounded by wrapped gifts, small fires can soon develop into a blaze. Make sure that you switch off fairy lights and unplug them before you go to bed, or when you leave the house. Of course, never overload a plug socket.

The saddest claim of them all, and unfortunately happens way too often, during the Christmas season we see a major spike in theft-related claims. Present-stuffed stockings and empty homes make for rich pickings for potential thieves.

During the months of December and January, homes are often left empty in the evenings and presents are left out in clear view to passers-by.

Be mindful of these situations.

Do you need to make a claim after your Christmas festivities?
With all those extra gifts around, insurance claims can be significantly higher than normal. Claims happen and as much as we hope you don’t have to experience a loss over Christmas, our brokers are devoted to helping you attain the best results possible.

If you believe that a certain situation is likely to evolve into a claim, it is important to notify your East West Insurance broker immediately. We pride ourselves on our claims service and understand that the claim you may have after Christmas can be urgent or sensitive. Our broker will represent your interests and attempt to guide and support you through the whole claims process.

To lodge a claim, call 1800 809 132 or fill in our claims form and our claims team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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