Motor Vehicle Insurance

How Low Emissions Improves Your Motor Vehicle Insurance Payments

Proof of valid motor vehicle insurance is necessary for all car owners in Australia. Car insurance is important as it can help you to get financial compensation for physical damage, bodily injuries resulting from traffic accidents, and the liability that arises from car collisions. As a car owner, you may choose either a comprehensive car insurance or third party car insurance.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

East West Insurance Brokers comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers damage to your car, other people’s cars, theft, fire, basic repairs, emergency transport, lifetime repair guarantees, and legal liability. The third party insurance will only cover legal liability.

Paying Low Car Insurance Premiums

But as you fulfill the insurance obligations as outlined by the State law and also to protect yourself against accidents, theft, or fire, you should consider how to pay lowmotor vehicle insurance premiums. There are ways to benefit from reduced car premiums and having a vehicle with low emissions is just one of them.

East West Insurance Brokers may give up to 25 percent comprehensive car insurance discount on environment –friendly vehicles. The 25 percent motor vehicle insurance reward for drivers of lower emission cars is a policy recognized by government.

The low-emission motor vehicle insurance will help you save on insurance premiums. The discount is typically 25 percent for cars not more than 1 year old and then reduces by 5 percent for each year of the vehicle age. A 2-year old car may enjoy a 20 percent insurance discount.

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