Knowing what type of insurance coverage and policy limits business owners need can be quite complex. Policies can vary greatly depending on keys factors such as your business’s location, the number of employees, what industry you are in.

Here are some of the most common types of insurance policies businesses maybe need.

Professional Indemnity
Designed to protect the professional for any errors, omissions or negligent acts while providing professional services to their client.

Public Liability
Protects your business in the event that you become legally liable for a personal injury and/or property damage, as a result of an occurrence with your business.

Business Insurance Package
Typically offers protection for your business for fire & perils, business interruption, burglary/theft, public & products liability, money machinery & electronic equipment breakdown, general property, money/glass, and more.

Management Liability
Protects directors and officers, as well as the company itself, from numerous exposures that come with managing a company.

Cyber Protection
Protects your business from internet-based risks, your business after a cyber-attack or data breach, and any liability and/or a business occurs from this.

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