The mining industry is a demanding industry. With demand comes errors of judgment from time to time. It’s when these errors do happen, that a suitable liability insurance policy specific to your industry can protect you and your business against injuries, accidents and/or property damage suffered whilst on the job.

In simple terms, insurance policies arranged by East West Insurance will;

  • Protect your business against third party claims of injury and property damage
  • Damage to your Tools of Trade

Additionally, and pending your individual situation your policy might also be used to pay for:

  • Medical expenses, funeral, and court-awarded compensations
  • Damage claims to third party property
  • Damage caused by equipment installed by your company on the job


An insurance package arranged by East West and tailored specifically for you, the Mining Contractors, should include:

  • Tools of Trade – Protects against Loss/Damage
  • Comprehensive Motor – Own Damage and Third Party Property Damage
  • Plant & Equipment – (Owned or Dry hired) – Own Damage & Third Party Property Damage
  • Professional Indemnity – Third Party Financial Loss suffered due to your advice
  • Loss of Income – Accident/Sickness, Income Protection – 24/7 Cover

An Insurance Package consisting of ONE / ALL of the above will satisfy the protection requirements of the mining companies, your principals, to get you working on site.

East West Insurance is the right provider for you, the Mining Contractors:

  • We have been in business for over 30 years
  • We have stood the test of time and built our industry credibility by doing the small things right, every time
  • We have and continue to provide insurance coverage for a wide variety of Mining Contractors across Australia
  • Before we recommend a protection policy, we start by learning in-depth, about your individual business and what types of risks your trade faces
  • We are not an “off-the-shelf” insurance provider; the policies we can arrange for you are all individually tailored
  • In the event of a claim, we offer you assistance when you need us most

Take the time to call us today; you’ll be glad you did:

  1. 1800 809 132
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