Is negative feedback good feedback?

Some would perceive and embrace these positively for a good change, while the rest of us may not. So, which is better?  

Feedback has various types and can range from sarcastic, straight forward, blunt, polite, embracing, positive, and more. These different ways of giving feedback will come with its own set of consequences as published in an article by Insurance Business Australia.

When giving feedback especially when it’s leading to a negative one, employers or managers need to consider the consequences it can have on their employees. Therefore, delivering them in the correct manner is extremely important.

If you’re not careful in delivering a negative feedback, your employee may not be able to maintain that positive frame of mind, things like anxiety and depression can threaten to pull them deeper into a spiral of poor behaviour, and in turn, they could start behaving negatively at work.   

Negative feedback can lead to improvement when given in a confirming environment where the receiver feels supported and valued.

But, how do you deliver these effectively? Are employees too sensitive to negative feedback, or has it just been delivered poorly?

Here are three useful methods in giving feedback effectively:

1. It’s important to realise it’s not about control or you being right. It’s about providing constructive feedback in a way that it encourages your employees to do the right thing.

2. Provide unbiased feedback. While you may point out on a recent mistake your employee has done, always remember to reward and give credit in areas they are excelling, as well as areas where they can further improve.

3. Always ensure your comments are aligned and actionable, not emotional. Unless your comments can be tied directly to the company’s goals, they really are just personal judgments.

We hope with these three useful methods, you’ll be able to give feedback effectively and start making positive change in your organisation.

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