Heavy Motor Vehicle Insurance

Choosing the Right Heavy Motor Vehicle Insurance

A company motor vehicle that goes off the road because of theft or mechanical problems means loss of business. Do not allow your business to suffer disruptions and inconveniences when you have challenges with your heavy motor vehicle.

Having heavy motor vehicle insurance with East West Insurance Brokers will cover for the sudden physical loss, destruction, damage, or repairs of your motor vehicle, and even third party property damage. We will deliver on the insurance claims to get your vehicle back on the road without delays.

Insuring Your Heavy Business Motor Vehicles and Trucks

East West Insurance Brokers has custom made heavy motor vehicle insurance suitable for a wide range of heavy motor vehicles including business fleet vehicles, delivery vehicles, heavy commercial and transport vehicles.

Our heavy motor vehicle insurance typically covers the following risks:

Heavy motor vehicle insurance to cater for the haulage of commercial, fleet, heavy, and trailer vehicle
• Business insurance package to cover your business or goods against fire, business interruptions, theft, burglary, or car breakdown
• Downtime insurance that offers you income when your vehicle is off the road

Heavy motor vehicle insurance, cargo or transport goods insurance to provide financial support after loss or damage of third party goods during transportation

• Public liability insurance when you need to pay compensation to third parties property damage, or personal injuries

• Management liability insurance to protect your heavy vehicle business against claims that arise for breach of duty.

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