Let’s face it, each time you release an advertising campaign, your business introduces new risk to your brand. Your challenge is to determine the appropriate level of risk and to take steps to equip your campaign with the appropriate brand safeguards.

In a recent article in AdNews, they have stated that it is important for Advertisers to customise management tools to the individual product, the ad content and the unique brand values.

They recommend four steps you can take to protect your brand:

  1. When buying media, work with partners that offer choice, consultative support and control.
  2. Know what the ‘wrong’ place is and always avoid illegal sites
  3. Talk to your partners on an ongoing basis.
  4. Mid and post-campaign analysis.

East West Insurance Brokers can assist in building and create a risk management plan that also incorporates insurance solutions to help advertising agencies protect their brand. For more information on how we can protect you and your business contact us on 1800 809 132 or email hello@ewib.com.au

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