As we make our way into the new financial year, there are sure to be many new business goals waiting to begin, and no doubt a common one is to grow your business. No matter what size your business is currently, there will always be a desire to improve. While there is a wide range of methods you can use to grow your business, the real secret lies within you and your productivity. Being focused and getting your tasks done efficiently will significantly boost your business’ growth and set you on your way to a successful new financial year. So here are five simple ways that you can double your productivity today.

1. Plan Ahead

There is no disadvantage to being over-prepared, so always plan and know exactly what tasks what you want to complete at the end of each day. Planning will allow you to prepare an effective strategy to tackle all the tasks efficiently. Don’t be that person who wanders around cluelessly; it will just waste time. A method of planning is before bed, write down exactly what you need to do the next day and order them according to priority. Think about the deadlines you have coming up and what tasks you need to complete first. To further help your focus, circle the three most important tasks on your list, so you know exactly where to direct your attention if your list is long, but you are short on time. When you can plan, priorities and meet deadlines, you will generate more trusted clients in the long run.

2. Visualise Individual Steps

Positive visualisation can be motivating, encouraging and help you stay focused. When numerous tasks are waiting to be done, you can often feel lost for direction. You may be thinking, where do you even start? Well, the first step is to get out of that unproductive headspace by taking a step back and re-examine where you are in the process. From here, focus on just one task and visualise each step that you will take to accomplish the task. You can write down the steps and treat it as an instruction manual, numbering each step from 1 onwards.

By doing this, the task will seem more manageable since you are not jumping from the first step straight to the last. Your mind will feel more at ease, allowing you to concentrate better and get the task done faster. If you can master this technique, you will be able to continuously handle more significant tasks efficiently and stay on top of your game as your responsibilities grow in the future.

3. Eliminate Distractions

To complete a task efficiently, you need to give it your full attention. However, this can be difficult if your brain is not focused. In this case, the key is to eliminate all the distractions around you. Two simple ways to do this is to put your phone on silent; we know that the notification bell can be distracting and will most likely tempt you into endless unproductive scrolling. Another tip is to close all internet browsers that are not being used to complete the specific task; you don’t want to accidentally stumble across those new shoes you were looking at and be tempted to continue online browsing. Now with all distractions removed you can continue to give all your attention to your task, and your business will thank you for it later.

4. Unplugged

The internet can be a great place filled with useful information, but it can also be a huge distraction when you’re trying to complete your task, so working offline is highly productive when it is possible. Don’t get sucked into the habit of endlessly scrolling through your social media, which will not help you complete your task. For tasks like planning and brainstorming, working offline and using traditional media like industry magazines to do research can help you stay focused on the topic and get your work done faster. Giving your brain a break from the digital screen can also help you generate unique ideas by allowing you to think deeper instead of using Google to provide you with all the generic answers. Pairing your productivity with the ability to create innovative ideas will help you and your business thrive.

5. Hold back your perfectionism

There are real perks to being a perfectionist like producing high-quality work. However, to do this you must dedicate all your attention to that particular task, but in a business where you have multiple projects and competing deadlines, it is not always possible, it might even drive you insane. Therefore, to get the essential tasks done, sometimes you must temporarily suspend your inner critic. Of course, there will be important details to get right like spelling, grammar and clients’ name but don’t get too caught up on the finer details which will vary depending on your job.

If you can focus and get the tasks done efficiently, you’ll have time to go back and perfect the finer details. It is all about the balance between creating good quality work and meeting clients demands. You don’t want to satisfy one client and disappoint the rest. If you get this balance right, you will find it much easier to produce quality content without the stress.

The tips above are nothing groundbreaking, and you have probably heard all of them before, but how many of you can say that you implemented all of the above? There is always room to add in a habit that will give your productivity a boost and help your business thrive in the new financial year. Don’t underestimate these simple tips to help you improve because the simplest tips are often the most powerful.

Let us know which method works for you? We would love to know!

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