Per Insurance & Risk’s recent article, Business Interruption (BI) is becoming a top concern for companies worldwide and they are warned to brace themselves for a year of uncertainty…

Having a lack of understanding of business interruption can be very detrimental to your business if it is not insured correctly.

Australia’s major risk of business interruption is through cyber incidents and new technologies within established businesses. With smart devices and technology becoming more prevalent in businesses and homes whether it be the use of apps for internal or external use, smart phone technologies, or mobile payments. Companies are persistently being targeted by a broad range of nasty cyber activities, risking the profitability, competitiveness and reputation of their business. When it comes to loss of income due to the damage to that asset, it brings an added level of complexity that makes it inherently harder for them to comprehend and enumerate. East West Insurance Brokers are business specialists who are happy to assist you in protecting you and your business’ valuable assets.

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