According to ABC Rural News, The Federal Government urges farmers to take up risk management tools like insurance, as it is one way that farmers can manage risks such as fire and hail. Bernard Lindsay, a cropper in the Wimmera area could not afford a third failed crop. “After two really bad years I wasn’t prepared to take another hit,” Mr. Lindsay said. Although 2016 ended up being a very successful year for Mr. Lindsay, he simply could not afford another devastating season.

Mr. Lindsay mentioned that he slept pretty well knowing if his business went pear-shaped that he would be okay to go another year. Natural disasters are unpredictable since they can happen any time. For those who have bought insurance premiums, they get a peace of mind in that if anything happens to their investment, they are sure of compensation from the company providing insurance packages.

Suffice to say crop insurance of all types are set to play a bigger role in the future. Are you covered? We can help you! At East West Insurance Brokers, we specialise in appropriate insurance solutions that fit your specific needs.

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