Brokerwise: December Issue 2017

This edition of our Brokerwise Newsletter includes the following topics: Cyclone season is upon us Airbnb – what are your rights? House deposits – is Airbnb the answer? New company offering down… read more

Merry Christmas from the East West team!

Our office will close at 12:00pm on Friday 22 December 2017 and will re-open on Tuesday 2 January 2018 at 8:30am. During this time, you can still: contact our team… read more

Storm season is here – are you ready for it?

We are blessed to have beautiful weather in Australia, but it can turn unpredictable and lead to severe weather conditions, especially when storm season is fast approaching. Power outages are… read more

Things you must know before renting out your property

Whether you’re renting out your home for that extra side income, or you’ve recently upgraded to a new home and wish to turn your former place into an investment property…. read more

How Technology is Changing the Construction Industry

Like many other industries today, technology is changing and paving the way for a more connected future. New materials and energy, design approaches and advances in digital technology and big… read more

Steadfast won 5 awards at East Coles Awards Night

East West Insurance Brokers is a member of Australasia’s largest insurance broker group, Steadfast. Our association with the Steadfast Group gives us the ability to offer customised policies developed by… read more

Notice a change in your Strata Insurance premium?

As a result of amendments to the Terrorism Insurance Act 2003 (Cth), some residential Strata Insurance policies have experienced significant total premium changes from July 1, 2017. These changes have… read more

The way forward for our ‘New World City’

Our management team, along with business and industry leaders across Queensland discussed Brisbane’s future at The Courier Mail’s ‘Future Brisbane’ campaign luncheon in September. The campaign was designed to take… read more

Why is Insurance for Mining Contractors so Important?

The mining industry is a demanding industry. With demand comes errors of judgment from time to time. It’s when these errors do happen, that a suitable liability insurance policy specific… read more

Our Brokers Continue to Learn & Grow

East West Insurance Brokers has continued to learn and grow thanks to the National Insurance Brokerage of Australia (NIBA) mentoring program. This is the type of program, we as a… read more

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