Does your business have the right meeting rhythm?

What is the secret to great management? Effective meetings that have an established routine will ensure the success of your business. But, how do you ensure your business has the… read more

Understanding farm insurance

Agriculture is among the most profitable industries in the world. Farmers may invest millions of dollars into their farm. It is extremely important for farmers to be protected with insurance… read more

Does your business have a backup plan?

While you’ve got it all figured it out and going for your business, there will be a time that comes when you can’t be prepared for the unexpected. Unforeseen circumstances… read more

Tackling mental health in your SME

Running your own small business can be hugely rewarding, but for many SME owners, having sole responsibility for failure can take its toll. Fatigue, financial stress, loneliness, and endless demands… read more

Renting? Make sure you have the right insurance in place

Did you know that your landlord’s property insurance only covers losses incurred to the building itself and does not include your personal property? If you’re renting out an apartment or… read more

Is your business exposed to these risks?

When you own your own hospitality business, whether it be a restaurant, bar, nightclub or catering company, you’ll want to make sure that everything will run as smooth as possible…. read more

Signs you need an insurance broker

Buying insurance online is quick and easy. However, buying the ‘right’ insurance for your individual business or personal needs can be very difficult and getting it wrong often proves costly…. read more

Insurance tips for the New Year

New year’s resolutions like skipping fast food and hitting the gym more often are great, but if you really want to have a happy, healthy new year you should be… read more

Need to make a claim after Christmas?

Christmas may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for some families, there are risks and drawbacks threatening their festivities. Whether it’s an accident in their homes or… read more

Have you started to insure Christmas gifts?

The National Retail Association (NRA) has predicted consumers are on track to drop a hefty $48 billion on festive cheer during the lead up to Christmas. Many families around the… read more

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