Do you have the right cover for your motor vehicle?

In Australia and in most states, a motor vehicle insurance is mandatory to have by law. However, making sure you have the right level of cover is just as important… read more

Tips and best practices for training your team members

As the saying goes, “failure to plan is planning to fail”. Training your team members require detailed planning so that the process does not end up wasting everyone’s time. Here… read more

Managing 3PLs (third-party logistics)

The logistics industry in Australia is fast-paced and growing as many businesses are moving to outsource all or parts of their distribution and fulfilment services to third-party logistics (3PLs). Businesses… read more

What to do when a cyclone hits?

Most parts of Australia are at risk of cyclones which include Queensland, northern Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Residents seriously underestimate the damage cyclones can do, according to new… read more

Insurance for engineers

As we become more dependent on technology, engineers will become increasingly important too. Engineers are highly trained professionals. They design, invent, build, analyse, test machines, and work in a range… read more

Top tips to minimise the risk of underinsurance

According to Understand Home Insurance Research Report August 2014, more than 80% of Australians are underinsured for their home and contents. This means, in the unfortunate event due to a… read more

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