Importance of having Personal Accident & Sickness cover

Often, we are so preoccupied with our hectic life that we take our health for granted. Have you ever wondered if you are able to keep a roof over your… read more

Understanding chain of responsibility

When you are involved in the transport chain, you may be more exposed than you think. Anyone can be held legally accountable by action, inaction, coercion or inducement, they cause… read more

Corporate travel insurance for your business

Business travel is a huge part of life for many employers and employees. While none of us wish to fall sick or suffer an injury during work travel, accidents can… read more

What is contents insurance for?

Your home is your safe haven. There is no denying that home is where the heart is. Therefore, the need to provide protection for your home contents is extremely important…. read more

Brokerwise: June Issue 2018

This edition of our June Brokerwise Newsletter includes the following topics: Crypto currencies The numbers behind the Comm Games A snapshot of the new Labour Hire Licensing Act 2017 How to retain… read more

What does broadform liability cover?

In general, broadform liability refers to an insurance policy which covers both public liability as well as product liability. We know that accidental injury or property damage in the workplace… read more

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