What is trades insurance pack and what does it cover?

Whether you are a plumber, electrician, bricklayer, carpenter, or landscaper performing a manual trade, your life is worth protecting. Many tradies can be exposed to a wide range of risks… read more

Why public liability insurance is important to have?

A public liability insurance policy provides coverage for property damage and personal injury to a third party such as your customer, supplier or a member of the general public as… read more

Understanding business interruption insurance

While most companies insure their building and contents against disasters like fire, theft, and storms, many still neglect to insure for the interruption to their business caused by these events…. read more

Brokerwise: September Issue 2018

This edition of our September Brokerwise Newsletter includes the following topics: Can you handle the truth? Changes to unfair contract laws Shocking tales from the financial industry Beware of social media scams Six… read more

Insurance for mining contractors – are you covered?

The resources and mining industries in Australia is fast gaining momentum after a slow few years and we are starting to see some strong signs of continued growth. This industry… read more

5 ways to transform your office workspace & increase productivity

A happy employee is a productive employee. As the adage goes, money cannot buy you happiness. While salary is important, there is nothing better than to have great job satisfaction…. read more

Insurance for architects and draftsmen

Designing beautiful, functional buildings, and workspaces can be complex and exacting. Having to work and meet tight deadlines with demanding clients and project managers or tradies will add on to… read more

Tips to overcome business hurdles

We all know that starting a new business can be a daunting journey. It requires a lot of hard work, determination, and perseverance, as well as being open to learning… read more

Why do accountants require professional indemnity insurance?

We know that accountants take great pride in their work. They are efficient and meticulous when it comes to little details, especially when it comes to preparing and examining financial… read more

Building & contract works: Why you need to get it right!

Building projects can be very risky. Every day, building & construction businesses face their fair share of risk on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, it is extremely important to take out… read more

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Born in 1984 as a general insurance brokerage, we can provide bespoke insurance advice to anyone in the general public within Australia. Our clients are primarily decision-makers in small, medium, and large businesses from various industries, including transport, earthmoving, and professional advisors.