Fair Work Ombudsman case highlight importance of regular wage reviews

In a recent article from InsideSmallBusiness,  a South Australian worker was paid back $22,000 following an intervention from the Fair Work Ombudsman, after only being paid $15/hour for 7 years…. read more

New product innovation: self sharpening bucket teeth

Recently Keech Australia launched a new innovative product that has been designed to assist construction and mining operators by boosting productivity, reducing downtime, and extending the life of their loader… read more

Dial Before You Dig

This referral service, Dial Before You Dig, is available for any size project, from a backyard job or heavy work like directional boring or directional drilling. The service provides information on… read more

Are you protecting your income?

Have you considered what would happen to you if you were to have an accident or become sick? Would you be financially viable to continue to pay your expenses and… read more

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