The way forward for our ‘New World City’

Our management team, along with business and industry leaders across Queensland discussed Brisbane’s future at The Courier Mail’s ‘Future Brisbane’ campaign luncheon in September. The campaign was designed to take… read more

Why is Insurance for Mining Contractors so Important?

The mining industry is a demanding industry. With demand comes errors of judgment from time to time. It’s when these errors do happen, that a suitable liability insurance policy specific… read more

Our Brokers Continue to Learn & Grow

East West Insurance Brokers has continued to learn and grow thanks to the National Insurance Brokerage of Australia (NIBA) mentoring program. This is the type of program, we as a… read more

Are you notifying claims and circumstances?

Businesses buy insurance hoping they will never have to use it. However, there may come a time where you will have to notify your broker of a claim, or a… read more

Business Interruption – Are you falling short?

Are you risking your business and livelihood operating without Business Interruption insurance? Usually, businesses will have a property insurance policy in place to cover themselves. If your business were to… read more

Can you afford to fork out $276,232?

Cyber-attacks cost businesses all over the world. It not only devastates the business financially, but also can deter the business’s reputation, loss of capital and assets, and legal difficulties may… read more

Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

The only constant in today’s workplace is changing, and often it happens quickly before employees and management can mentally prepare. After a workplace decision has been made, staff members are… read more

Link Vision Week 11-17 September

Link Vision, one of our long-term clients, conducts an annual ‘Awareness Week’ to advocate for better educational and vocational opportunities for children and adults with low or no vision. We… read more

Can patients record doctor visits?

More and more people are choosing to record conversations and life encounters today – whether it be an office conversation or a doctor’s appointment. If you are a doctor, there… read more

Insurance risks restaurant owners should consider

Australian restaurant and café owners need to consider and carry different insurance concerns. The business you have and other features you intend to offer to your customers will affect what… read more

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