Public & Products Liability Explained

Like a crime-fighting duo, you’ll often see the terms Public Liability and Products Liability pop up in your search for business insurance cover. The similarity of both terms can be… read more

Kickstart Your Small Business with Public and Product Liability.

Imagine this: after years of negotiation, planning and logistical arrangements, you’ve finally launched a brand new business selling electric scooters that are specially imported from the United States. Your launch… read more

Protect yourself with Management Liability Insurance

When you think about protecting your business, you don’t hesitate to take out insurance policies that cover your physical assets and your employees. But what about protection for yourself as… read more

Liability Claims… Do you know what to do?

It is essential that you keep your East West Insurance Broker up to date with your business activities (and information you think is important) as best you can, to assist them… read more

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Meet East West Insurance Brokers
Our general insurance brokerage

Born in 1984 as a general insurance brokerage, we can provide bespoke insurance advice to anyone in the general public within Australia. Our clients are primarily decision-makers in small, medium, and large businesses from various industries, including transport, earthmoving, and professional advisors.