Positive changes for small businesses!

Simpler Business Activity Statements (BAS) is the default reporting method for small businesses with a GST turnover of less than $10 million. The programme delivers time and cost savings to… read more

How much insurance is appropriate?

Liability insurance is important for your construction business. Liability cover protects your company from being bankrupt by lawsuits and ensures that you meet state and industry regulations. At times, it… read more

Know what type of insurance you need?

Knowing what type of insurance coverage and policy limits business owners need can be quite complex. Policies can vary greatly depending on keys factors such as your business’s location, the… read more

Things to do before 30 June

With the end of financial year approaching, it may be a good time to get your businesses tax in order before the end of the month. Commonwealth Bank of Australia… read more

Construction sector is heavily impacted!

The Construction Risk Index surveyed 350 senior executives across the globe to look at the most significant megatrends and critical risks facing the construction industry. The most prominent concern is… read more

Tips for making an insurance claim

Making an insurance claim can often be a distressing experience. It’s not necessarily the claims process that is traumatic, it’s the stress and emotion of the event that happened to… read more

Protect your café or restaurant today!

Insurance Journal notes that one of the keys to a successful claim is having a good policy in place. Restaurant and café business owners face a unique set of risks… read more

Are you cyber secure?

Australian businesses are falling victims to a global cyber-attack, reports News.com.au. The so-called ransomware has managed to worm its way into over 200,000 computer systems in an apparent extortion plot,… read more

We Have Your PI Insurance Covered!

At East West, we know that you work very hard to grow your business from the ground and if anything were to happen to you it would not only be… read more

EWIB can help protect your brand!

Let’s face it, each time you release an advertising campaign, your business introduces new risk to your brand. Your challenge is to determine the appropriate level of risk and to… read more

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