How to Navigate the Hard Insurance Market

If you’ve been keeping track of current insurance trends, you’ll notice that the market is experiencing a hardening phase, which means premiums are on the rise and insurers are tightening… read more

Business Owners! Do You Need an Insurance Broker?

As a business owner, you are familiar with the hard work required to establish your business, so keeping it afloat is your top priority. That’s why having the appropriate insurance… read more

Learn how to become an influential business

No matter what industry you’re in, there is really only one thing that will dictate your success. That one thing is people.  Whether it be your clients or customers, your… read more

4 hidden risks working from home

The term ‘unprecedented times’ is quickly becoming a cliché. However, that doesn’t make the statement any less accurate. We have fast learnt the real meaning of the term agile and… read more

Instant asset write-off extension for businesses

The Australian Government is taking additional steps to help businesses get back on their feet as we make our way out of the COVID-19 bubble. In March this year, the… read more

Are you taking advantage of the Coronavirus SME Guarantee Scheme?

The COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted in stages across Australia, and many businesses are emerging from a period of hibernation. It is important to note that depending on the industry,… read more

Do you need to revise your insurance this EOFY?

Another financial year is coming to a close, which means it’s time to reassess your business’ risk management and insurance plan. Reviewing your insurance is an essential task. If the… read more

How should small businesses react during a pandemic?

Small businesses have been bearing the brunt since the COVID-19 pandemic took a turn for the worse and the government mandated strict isolation regulations. Three months ago, no one could… read more

Take the plunge and start your own business

The moment you sold your first sugar-laden beverage from your makeshift lemonade stand was the moment that the entrepreneurial bug bit, and ever since that day you’ve been waiting for… read more

SMEs are walking a tightrope

Most Australian small business owners are at risk of ruin because of ill-fitting insurance, according to a recent report by QBE. The survey has revealed shocking statistics into the reality… read more

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Born in 1984 as a general insurance brokerage, we can provide bespoke insurance advice to anyone in the general public within Australia. Our clients are primarily decision-makers in small, medium, and large businesses from various industries, including transport, earthmoving, and professional advisors.