Summer means storms: here’s what you need to know 2020 edition

It is that magical time of year when you start to see scatterings of Christmas appearing. Christmas carols, glitter and tinsel, fairy lights and Santa Clause. However, as we live… read more

Need to make a claim after Christmas?

Christmas may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for some families, there are risks and drawbacks threatening their festivities. Whether it’s an accident in their homes or… read more

How much insurance is appropriate?

Liability insurance is important for your construction business. Liability cover protects your company from being bankrupt by lawsuits and ensures that you meet state and industry regulations. At times, it… read more

Construction sector is heavily impacted!

The Construction Risk Index surveyed 350 senior executives across the globe to look at the most significant megatrends and critical risks facing the construction industry. The most prominent concern is… read more

Tips for making an insurance claim

Making an insurance claim can often be a distressing experience. It’s not necessarily the claims process that is traumatic, it’s the stress and emotion of the event that happened to… read more

Manage design risk for future projects

Poor design of any complex engineering or construction project is often difficult to spot until a failure or incident occurs, which may not happen until commissioning or testing, or well… read more

Security & Risk Compliance Must Not Be Ignored

According to Sourceable, Organisations are subject to an increasing number of building compliance obligations, which vary depending on the type of business, building, and age of construction. It is important to… read more

Have you had your plant & equipment evaluated recently?

By having your plant & equipment valued on an annual basis means that your machinery is more likely than not to be insured for the correct value. This can impact… read more

Construction Workers in High Demand

According to a recent article from sourceable, a recruitment firm has posted it’s latest report that shows Sydney, QLD, ACT and Gold Coast region markets booming, causing high demand for construction… read more

2016: Construction boom to continue

In a recent post from Yahoo7 Finance Australia, predicts Australia’s residential construction boom to continue into 2016, after unexpectedly rising in October 2015. This is good news for those in the construction… read more

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