While you’ve got it all figured it out and going for your business, there will be a time that comes when you can’t be prepared for the unexpected. Unforeseen circumstances such as flood or fire could potentially happen destroying your business premises. In the event your computers suffer from a loss or system failure due to a storm or computer viruses, this could cost you financial damage of thousands of dollars for each day your system is down.

The loss of brand reputation or your market value may also be severely affected when that happens. Protection for your business is extremely crucial at all times regardless of how small or big the circumstances may be. When it does happen, do you have a backup plan for your business to prepare ahead for the situation?

Here are a few tips to help you get started about having a backup plan for your business.

  1. Analyse your risk assessment – it’s important that you get your risk assessment reviewed to ensure your risk program is appropriately covered in all areas prior to your business needs. Just imagine if there are risks that could be mitigated but they’re left untreated, this can leave your business exposed and vulnerable.
  2. Incorporate cloud backup to your computers – it’s always comforting to know that your valuable data is going to be automatically backed up no matter what is going to happen. You can’t afford to lose confidential info of your clients, so keeping your client data safe in the cloud is going to put your worries at ease. The good news is, you’re able to access it anytime and anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the Internet.
  3. Cyber liability insurance – there is no way to prevent your business from a cyber-attack, but you can definitely take preventive steps to prepare you and your business when it happens. Cyber liability insurance can help supress an attack and avoid your business from falling out even further especially when you’re losing important information of your clients.
  4. Get appropriate cover from expert help – if you’re looking to maximise protection for your business, getting professional advice from your trusted broker will give you a better understanding on the types of cover you need. Every business is different and unique. Depending on your business requirements, a business interruption policy can be tailored to meet them.

At East West Insurance Brokers, we have a team of experienced brokers who are experts in their respective fields and are able to arrange the most appropriate insurance policy to fit your business needs.

Our aim is to help and support you in the event of an unexpected situation. We believe in taking preventive steps that aids in your data backup and disaster recovery for your business future. For more information on getting your business covered against financial losses, contact us today.

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*Please note all insurance policies have exclusions. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording before deciding whether the insurance policy meets your needs.

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