East West Insurance Brokers has continued to learn and grow thanks to the National Insurance Brokerage of Australia (NIBA) mentoring program. This is the type of program, we as a professional brokerage are excited to be involved in as it adds value to our clients. Aman Dhaliwal, East West’s Account Executive is currently involved in this years’ mentoring program.

The NIBA mentoring program has been running since 2008 and has helped hundreds of young insurance professionals all over Australia overcome challenges and progress in their careers. The program has brought together scores of ambitious young brokers with experience industry peers. It allows industry professionals to be free and fluid in their future plans and helps them figure out where they want to be.

Aman got his professional year off to a meaningful start thanks to NIBA. The 12-week program features a weekly meeting and three group workshops, pairing experienced industry figures with young insurance professionals like Aman. His particular industry professional offers insight and guidance and helps him achieve and get closer to his professional goals.

It is great for Aman and other young professionals to be able to access experienced figures from outside their own workplace to help them overcome setbacks and challenges. In the past many young brokers involved have hugely improved their confidence and presentation skills; figured out how to achieve a better work/life balance; boost their networking abilities; and effectively set goals.

Greg Rynenberg, founder and director of East West Insurance Brokers has also been involved in this program as a Mentor. Greg has participated in the NIBA mentoring twice previously and gained just as much from the experience as the Mentees. As well as appreciating the chance to give something back to an industry he loves, meeting new, young, individuals helped him gain a greater understanding of the challenges the next insurance generation is set to face. As a mentor, Greg was very proud to be able to give back to his Mentees. He has enjoyed his time in the industry, has experienced many changes, seen the good and bad aspects the industry holds and was able to pass on his legacy to young brokers.

This motivating and enlightening experience gives insurance brokers access to the sort of guidance and advice that money cannot buy. Not only has this been a great networking platform but they have gained further insight and aspirations to move further along in their career.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please contact our brokers on 1800 809 132 or email hello@ewib.com.au

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