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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance is in place to protect you against legal costs and claims that may arise from an act, omission, or breach of duty in your line of work.

While you don’t ever want anything negative to happen to your work, there’s a chance that it may – and while you don’t want to hope for the worst, you certainly can plan for it. Professional indemnity insurance Australia exists to protect you; the hardworking professionals.

Whether you’re a building consultant working with a construction company and want to ensure that the advice you give is protected against claims, or you’re an architect working to produce estimated plans for projects, you want to ensure that the work you do is protected in the event of a mistake or omission of information.

Don’t run the risk of working uninsured. It’s just not worth it. For a professional indemnity insurance quote, get in touch with our professional indemnity brokers.

We can work with you to provide the most suitable insurance cover so that you’re not going to be spending your own money should you incur legal costs. After all, a claim can come from something as innocuous as providing the wrong information or advice, and if your line of work sees you working with a range of clients across various mediums, there’s every chance that you could accidentally slip up.

If a claim is lodged against you for financial damages or any other reason, you don’t want to be facing a claim without professional indemnity insurance. Without the applicable insurance, you could face business-destroying damages. Plus, even a false claim could cost you thousands in defence costs.

Our professional indemnity insurance brokers can find the appropriate level of cover professional indemnity insurance cover to suit your needs. Contact our team of qualified brokers today on 1800 809 132 and get covered now.

Who Do We Cover?

We know that there is a range of professions where you are offering advice and providing a professional service, which is open to potential liability claims. As a result, our brokers specialise in sourcing professional indemnity insurance for the following areas of cover so that you have the peace of mind to go about your day to day work.


While the cost of your insurance sits on the credit side of your ledger, having appropriate professional indemnity insurance will be an asset in the event of a potential financial loss, or an exposure out of an error made arising from your business’ professional services.

Here at EWIB, we have done our professional due diligence, which allows our professional indemnity insurance brokers to provide bespoke policies to meet your insurance needs.


While you are providing your clients with creative and innovative ideas with strategic and tactical solutions, EWIB provides you with a suite of professional indemnity insurance products that will cover your potential financial loss or exposures that may arise out of your or your business’ professional services.


You’re the experts in putting pen to paper and designing projects that offer solutions that suit your clients… We’re the experts in designing insurance cover that is appropriate for you and your business.


It’s essential for you to make sure you are aware of local rules and regulations when drawing up a plan. Similarly it’s important that your insurance cover protects you and your business.


As an Engineer, you are constantly using your professional skills to provide advice to your clients. Therefore, it is vital that your professional indemnity insurance is fit for purpose. The team at EWIB use our professional skill and due diligence to make sure that you have the most appropriate insurance policies in place.

Management Consultants

Management Consulting can cut across different industries and provide different services for your clients. Having an Insurance Broker who can offer you tailored professional advice means that you have appropriate professional indemnity insurance cover in place.

What You Are Covered For with Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover

When you have professional indemnity insurance, you are covered for things like breach of duty, defamation, damage to documents and intellectual property infringement, among others.

We have sourced policies for countless Australian businesses and professionals who needed the appropriate level of cover and continue to work with our clients across south-east Queensland, central Queensland, and Australia.

While you may think that it’ll never happen to you, the threat of litigation and claims is very real in today’s business environment and can cause huge financial problems for your business. So you can continue to think “It’ll never happen to me” – but get the professional indemnity insurance cover just in case.

Why East West Insurance Brokers?

East West Insurance Brokers are an Australian owned and operated General Insurance Broker group. We have been working to provide insurance since 1984 when we were established in Coopers Plains in Brisbane. Since that time we have also expanded out into Toowoomba and Mackay, in an effort to better meet the needs of our rural customers and clients.

Many of our clients have been with us for a number of years, and every time, the best compliment that we can get is new business, which is referred to us by another one of our happy clients.

We are part of Australasia’s largest insurance broker group, Steadfast. Steadfast brokers were responsible for managing more than two million insurance policies, each tailored to meet the demands of different business clients.

Being associated with the Steadfast Group gives us the ability to deliver the very best insurance policies. Why? The policies we offer are developed by Steadfast in conjunction with insurers and are written exclusively for the brokers within the network.

We can build you a customized insurance plan, which is suited to your business and your insurance needs.