A happy employee is a productive employee. As the adage goes, money cannot buy you happiness. While salary is important, there is nothing better than to have great job satisfaction. What makes a successful office workspace?

Here are 5 simple ways to get you to boost productivity and job satisfaction in your office:

1. Keep the workplace clean and tidy – there is no denying that a clean workplace is good for business. Create a positive work office environment to foster a comfortable atmosphere in which your staff can thrive and work happily.

2. The right office lighting – poor lighting can cause eyestrain, blurred vision, and headaches. Even overhead lighting can cause glare on computer screens, affecting your staff’s vision. Ensure proper lighting is installed in your office for a conducive work environment.

3. Time to check air quality – did you know that a great way to improve air quality in your office is to invest in more plants and place them in the office? Plants can filter out excess carbon dioxide and pollutants from the air. In return, providing your staff with additional levels of clean air and oxygen.

4. Provide a quiet space – while it is great to work together as a team, your staff may sometimes need a quiet room to focus or handle matters with minimal disruption. This is also a great way for them to unwind and steam off for a while during a hard day.

5. Listen to understand – often, people listen to reply and not to understand. Ensure that you are open and available to your employees so that they feel welcome and valuable to express how they feel at all times. When you do this, it shows that you appreciate them. Reward them when it’s appropriate and let them know when they are doing a great job. This motivates them to further excel and feel valued as an employee.

You and your team spend around one third of your day together. So, by creating a positive, happy, and fun environment for your team to be in is extremely important. In the long run, the benefits for your business include increased productivity, loyalty, and employees who become advocates for your business.

We believe there are more positive work environment ideas that could work and transform your company for the better. But the bottom line is to make sure your employees are happy working for you and with you. A small act of gesture goes a long way. Start expressing your gratitude for the hard work and dedication of your employees today.

If you have any other interesting ideas or experiences that have worked for you and your team, we would love you to share with us. Please reach us on:

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