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Experts in Truck Insurance

At East West Insurance Brokers, we know that trucks belong on the road, and we’ll do everything to get you the truck insurance you need to ensure that you can keep doing your job safely and efficiently. We are proud to provide insurance through our brokerage team that helps to keep Australia’s trucking industry going strong.

We understand the importance of the logistics and transport industries, and know the value that they bring the Australian economy – not to mention to the hundreds of thousands of people who work these demanding jobs.

As with any other high-risk industry, it’s important that insurance is in place to offer protection to the people who keep the trucking industry going.

When truck and transport incidents occur, it is devastating to everyone who is involved. While we know that while these incidents are rare – thanks to the ever-improving safety standards in place – they do occur. So when an incident does take place, it’s vital that everyone involved is supported by suitable insurance to make the recovery as smooth as possible during this stressful time.

We offer truck insurance to the businesses and companies who need it.


Why You Need Commercial Truck Insurance

Commercial truck insurance is an essential component of protecting your business and your workers. It’s vital no matter whether you are a large company with a fleet, or a small owner-operator business with one or two trucks. The options available for your business or service will change based on the types of trucks you have, the kinds of goods that you are moving or carrying, the kinds of risks that your trucks are undertaking, and the level of experience that your drivers have.

For example, a company offering long-distance heavy-haulage is going to have different needs compared to a company that transports fruit and veggies in a local area. The insurance that you choose needs to fit the use of your vehicles and the kind of cover you require, without you paying for more than what you need. Plus, you need to make sure you’re adequately covered for every possible situation.

The insurance that you choose will most likely include various types of cover, including cover for the goods you are moving. In order to get the best possible deal for your commercial truck insurance, it’s vital that you seek expert advice from our insurance brokers. We have been providing insurance quote information and guidance to individuals and companies for years, and we will ensure that you are appropriately protected.

The Different Types of Commercial Truck Insurance

Truckies need to be protected against the potential for damage and incidents if they occur. There’s nothing worse than being involved in an incident and having the added stress of not being adequately insured on top of the existing stress of damage and loss of stock or profit.

When you need to source apt truck insurance, it can be tough to find the best cover for your needs. There are a range of products out there and each offers a different set of benefits and types of cover. Our insurance brokers can help you to understand which types of insurance you need for your truck.

For example, you can source basic coverage which protects you in the event of a collision, but which doesn’t cover the costs of damage to your vehicle. Then you can get comprehensive insurance which protects your vehicle and covers the cost of your repairs as well as the repairs to any other vehicles or structures damaged. It’s up to you which kind of cover you want, and our brokers can talk you through what you need and then choose the most suitable policies for you from our range of providers.

Below are some of the types of cover that we offer and the options available for you.

1. Motor Vehicle (Commercial, Heavy, Fleet, with Trailer)

This insurance cover protects for loss or damage to your vehicle(s), as well as damage to third party vehicles and property.

Cover options include:

  • Comprehensive Motor
  • Third Party Liability
  • Windscreen Replacement
  • Downtime Cover
  • No Claims Bonus Protection

2. Marine Cargo

This insurance cover protects the risk of loss or damage to third party goods while in transit via sea, rail, road, or air.

Cover options include:

  • Accidental Damage
  • Specified Perils Cover
  • Cargo/Goods Carried

3. Public & Products Liability

This insurance cover protects your business if you are legally liable for third party personal injury and/or property damage. Public & Products Liability covers a range of business accidents, legal costs, and compensation payments.

Cover options include:

  • Public & Products Liability
  • Sub-Contractor Extensions

4. Group and Individual Personal Accident & Sickness

This insurance cover protects you and your employees’ income in the event of serious injury or sickness.

Cover options include:

  • Weekly Injury & Sickness Benefits
  • Death & Capital Benefits
  • Non-Medical Medicare Expenses

We Can Help with Truck Insurance to Ensure You’re Covered

East West Insurance Brokers specialises in appropriate insurance solutions that fit your specific insurance needs. Talk to one of our expert brokers today to see if you are appropriately covered. We have many years of experience in managing commercial truck insurance and would love to work with you to provide the cover you need.

*Please note all insurance policies have exclusions. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or Policy Wording before deciding whether the insurance policy meets your needs.